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Pick the Finest Candidate without Missing a Beat

Pick the Finest Candidate without Missing a Beat

November 15
00:00 2018

Every organization wants the best team onboard. Choosing the best candidate for any vacancy is not as simple or easy as it sounds. The wonderful news is that Prime Source Staffing (PCS) of the Greater Toronto Region makes it look like a piece of cake. They understand the growing gap in the demand and supply of skilled and highly skilled professionals, especially of those who keep upgrading their skills. Their systems ensure that the search process is neither tedious nor backbreaking as they know how to locate, track, and manage the best applicants for each vacancy. They have an awesome database or talent pool which they keep updating to ensure that there are never any misfits among new hires.

Forestalling Your Worst Nightmare from Coming True

Remember, the recruiter’s worst nightmare would be a plethora of inappropriate candidates who are over qualified or under qualified. That too good to be true profile requires verification and cautious analysis, which is time consuming. Again, there could be a candidate who might be perfect in another profile, but is absolutely useless for the vacancy. All this often leads to missing the most suitable candidate for the job while sifting through a mountain of applications. Since Prime Source Staffing uses a unique computational model, their process is streamlined. Therefore, you save time — and time is money — when you utilize their services.

Getting the Perfect Match for the Profile

It doesn’t matter what profile you need filled. The seasoned IT manager who fits the bill is as difficult — or as easy depending on the person or organization handling the hiring — as is the forklift operator who doesn’t cause any damage to equipment. Prime Source Staffing use behavioral techniques to screen candidates for every vacancy, not the kind which went out with the turn of the century, and for which most applicants have developed canned responses. Rather, they devise questions which require organic problem solving. They encourage the candidates to brainstorm real and imaginary situations which is a far more predictive of their potential on-the-job success. Further, these questions can often help identify behavioral issues which might torpedo future projects handled by an applicant.

Averting Potential Disasters

Savvy hiring means that you don’t need to waste resources in looking for, selecting, hiring, and training team members at short intervals. It also means that you post vacancies where more appropriate candidates are likely to view them. It could be the career center of your own website, or on your page on a social networking site. When in doubt, look to PCS to guide you on the most appropriate modes of advertising your vacancy. They will explain to you that it may not always be a sensible approach to hire people who “fit into the company’s culture”, especially if your organization is facing a downward curve. Bringing in folks who have a divergent perspective or a different take on situations might be a smarter move as they are likelier to bring your company back on track.

Extracting the maximum potential of candidates: Since the hiring process is multi-staged, they keep track of performances at interviews and group discussions to add to their core talent pool while setting the stage for onboarding. Extracting the maximum potential is the biggest challenge for managers of all departments. With the right candidates picked for you by Prime Source Staffing you can avert potential disasters. Ensuring you have the right staff helps you keep an eye on whether your organization is going to grow, plateau, or likely to decline, and respond to the situation accordingly.

Checking Leadership Qualities of Candidates

The unique screening methods adopted by PCS ensure that candidates are evaluated for their social skills. This includes assessing their ability to come up with creative solutions to problems plaguing the company; ability to work as a team and give credit where it is due; willingness to let the spotlight shift when necessary; ability to take responsibility for seeing projects through, and owning up to failures without getting disheartened.

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Company Name: Prime Source Staffing Inc.
Contact Person: Aman Khaira
Email: accounts@primesourcestaffing.ca
Phone No: (647) 494-0451
Country: Canada
Website Url: https://primesourcestaffing.ca/

Source: www.PRExhibition.com

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