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The Bored.AI by Tectona Launches the Text2Art Project to Create Unique Art-level NFTs

The Bored.AI by Tectona Launches the Text2Art Project to Create Unique Art-level NFTs

February 09
00:00 2022

Yavne, Israel / February 08, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / The Bored.AI by Tectona launches the Text2Art project to create unique art-level NFTs that will serve as a part of the Tectona metaverse.

Tectona, Israel’s leading blockchain-focused public company, has founded Bored.AI at the end of 2021 to let users empower their creativity with AI. Bored.AI will initiate and develop many projects based on the power of its ground-breaking AI technology within the metaverse, the community space for future reality, where users are able to create, explore and imagine what is possible. AI will enable creators, such as artists and movie directors, to enhance their creativity and uncover new realms of imagination. Bored.AI also builds a community attracting those who are still not involved in creativity, but with the help of AI will be able to create artworks and become creators.

Text2Art is the first Bored.AI project, a generative AI machine that creates unique artworks from the words and sentences users provide. The artworks generated are complex and diversified because the generator is able to understand the content provided and the context it exists in. Text2Art produces genuinely impressive pieces that users will value long into the future. This is an absolutely essential tool for creating unique art-level NFTs that will make the blockchain projects and the metaverses they are minted for stand out as one of a kind. With Text2Art, users can also easily get something that can be added to their social media real estate, profile picture, or cover images.

The generator is the real power behind Text2Art, it takes commands from users to produce rich, complex artworks that can be minted as unique and rare NFTs. It doesn’t just fabricate images based on a limited set of keywords, but can understand long, descriptive commands because it is able to interpret the words in the context they are provided. The more tasks user sends to the generator, the more it learns from what has been provided and the better the results become. The user himself can determine the complexity of the created images if he uses long, descriptive sentences work to let his imagination run wild.

To create a community of Text2Art users and other projects that will push them to the level of advanced creatives, Bored.AI is launching its own 10,000 MemberChips (NFTs), which will also be keys for Text2Art users onDiscord. Crafted as floppy disks in respect for the digital tradition, these MemberChips give every member of the community access to a range of creative AI projects both now and in the future. MemebreChips also provide additional features, such as the ability to tweak the text description and generate a new piece of art. Later all created images can be augmented with extra features, which could include video and animation upgrades. MemberChips’ sale is carried out in two stages. There will be a private sale for anyone who joins the whitelist, followed by an open sale and then a Text2Art drop. The best way to follow the project and become one of the first creatives equipped with AI is to sign up for the whitelist viaDiscord.

About Tectona

Tectona Ltd is one of the largest publicly-traded companies In Israel, dedicated to creating, trading & investing in digital assets. It was incorporated in 1981, over the past forty years, Tectona has developed software in a variety of fields and recently pivoted into being Israel’s leading blockchain-focused public company. Its mission is to build the largest and most diversified blockchain portfolio via issuance, trading, and investment in digital assets.

There are four divisions in the company:

– Tectona Financial Services, where a cutting-edge suite of technical and blockchain-related financial instruments are being developed.

– Tectona Proprietary Trading with advanced trading products, which leverage algorithmic strategies and high-frequency trading in the rapidly growing sectors of cryptocurrency and DeFi.

– Tectona Labs with unique digital offerings in the NFT space to collaborate with leading brands and connect them directly to their audiences for high-level engagement.

– Tectona Ventures is establishing partnerships and investments in the most promising founders and technologies moving the industry forward with a focus on Decentralized Finance, Web3, NFTs, and Play-to-Earn verticals.

Social Links:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialboredai

Contact Detail:

Company Name: Tectona
Contact Person: Koby Ben Ariya, COO
Email: Send Email
Country: Israel
Website Url: https://tectona.io/

SOURCE: Tectona

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